"Embraced by the loving, detailed eye of director/father Jim Blumetti, the writing and acting of 13 year old Gabrielle Blumetti offers a calm, charm and uncanny wisdom. In just 30 minutes The Key lays claim to arresting universal emotions. Modern audiences in our onrushing times may even yearn for such innocent experience of parental love, without really knowing what has been missing. In that regard, The Key is the best use of a short tale and deserves to be seen."
Patrick Kilpatrick - Actor/Producer/Director Uncommon Dialog Films

"I just watched, The Key. I felt it had a dreamlike sort of magical quality. I really liked the cinematography and can understand how you were inspired to make this film after reading your daughter, Gabrielle's story. Quite impressive for a young lady, as was her screen presence.

Her character, Alex, had an inner life that was deeply felt. And I thought Max was funny and did a very good job as, Derek. The Key, was a hopeful journey, very moving, as was the haunting and wonderful music. Really enjoyed this little film!"
Michael Badalucco - Emmy Winning Actor

A very nice review from Rogue Cinema:
“The key is a not only a touching film, but the mystery of the key and their quest to discover the secret actually pulls you in and keeps you interested in the story, and the characters as well are all likeable, easy to identify with and feel like real people.

The production quality of the film was excellent as well. The visuals, especially in the wooded areas are just stunning, it's well edited, perfectly paced and just the right length for the content of the story.”
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Duane L. Martin - Rogue Cinema

"Just wanted to let you know that Molly and I loved The Key. The film definitely lived up to the trailer. The music, cinematography, and acting were all excellent.

I think that as-is, if this were 60 minutes longer and had a little more back story and possibly a second story line involving the boy, you’d have Disney knocking on your door with cash in hand. Great job, I know you will do well with it."
Collin Kennedy - Dallas Producers Association Member


“I could not believe this came out of the mind of a 13 year old. Wonderful!”
Texas Theatre Premier audience member

“… I'm struck by its beauty (both visually and the message of faith it conveys). Gabrielle and Max captured the curiosity and innocence that only kids have, while also giving us a glimpse of the responsibility and loss of said innocence that comes on the cusp of the teenage years. A lovely, lovely film!”
Texas Theatre Premier audience member

“The film really keeps you engaged from the beginning to end. At first I was scared. Then I went on journey. Then it became a mystery. Then magical. Then funny. In the end, I just cried and thought how really special that a little short film like this could do all that so completely and so well!”
Texas Theatre Premier audience member

“I’m watching this and I’m thinking.. this is just like Harry Potter! Scary, funny, poignant and charming.”
Texas Theatre Premier audience member

“The kids were adorable… they look like they’d been friends for life. Perfect chemistry and wonderful acting.”
Texas Theatre Premier audience member
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