Genre: Family / Magical Realism
Studio: 410 Garfield Films / Crooked Path Films
Release Date: Festival Circuit
Starring: Gabrielle Blumetti / Max Ary
Directed By: Jim Blumetti
Story By: Gabrielle Blumetti
Screenplay By: Jim Blumetti
Produced By: 410 Garfield Films / Crooked Path Films.

Alex Clayton is a young girl who has experienced a personal tragedy. Now alone, she must find value in her life, when no one else seems to care. At the moment of her deepest despair, she is confronted by a mystery. The mystery energizes Alex to solicit the help of her best friend, Derek and the two youngsters quickly turn their small town of Harmony upside down in a search for answers. But the rabbit hole only goes deeper with each new discovery. Soon they find themselves exhausted and in trouble with the authorities. As Alex’s last bit of strength fails, she must surrender and let go of everything, only to find someone is watching … but who?

Thirteen year old student, Gabrielle Blumetti, decided not long ago to exercise her creative abilities by writing a short story titled “The Key,” for a school assignment.

Gabrielle printed out her finished story on her dad’s home office printer. Then she forgot about it. Her father, Jim Blumetti a veteran actor, found it sitting there the next morning. “At first I thought perhaps my wife had copied an article from a website and left it for me. But as I read the first few pages, I began to suspect it may belong to my daughter and be a very detailed book report? The story really grabbed my attention right away. I thought she had done a great job in capturing the poignancy and emotion of the book.” said, Jim.

The next day, when Jim mentioned it to Gabrielle, “I read your book report. You did a fantastic job!” She replied, “What book report?” He said, “The one you left on my printer?” Gabrielle responded, “Oh, I forgot about that! No, that’s not a book report, Dad. I wrote it for English class.”

Struck by the story, he asked, “Would you consider letting me develop it as a short film?” Gabrielle smiled incredulous. “Dad, wouldn’t that cost a lot of money?” To which he responded, “You let me worry about that. Just give me your permission to do it as a short film?” But before she could answer, he added, “You wrote the lead character as a boy named, “Alex”. What if Alex was a girl instead and you played that role? Gabrielle was very hesitant, but he persuaded her that it would help in saving production time and money. He told Gabrielle, “No one is better equipped to understand ‘Alex’ than you.”

So the deal was struck and several months later and a lot of favors called in, the film began shooting in March of 2010 with post production completed by October, 2010.
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